Classic Lash Extensions $120

Adds length and curl to your natural lashes. Perfect for those wanting a natural, mascara look without the mess of runny mascara

Hybrid Lash Extensions $160

Adds length, curl and volume while still remaining natural. Perfect for anyone wanting a wispy strip lash look without looking too dramatic. 

Volume Lash Extensions $200

Adds length, curl and volume to your natural lashes with a little extra flare. This look is still very natural but not recommended for first time extension wearers. Great for special events.

Mega Volume Lash Extensions $260

Full, voluminous lashes. Perfect for strip lash wearers, not recommended for first time lash wearers or those with damaged lashes. 

Lash Refills $60+

Refills are recommended every 2-3 weeks depending on your lash cycle. Grown out extensions will be removed to prevent damage to natural lashes and new extensions will be put in. If you have less than 40% of extensions left, you will be charged for a full set. 

Lash Lift & Tint $65

Like a perm but for your lashes! Using a lash safe perming solution, your lashes are curled and tinted to add length and color to your natural lashes. Results last 4-6 weeks