Gentlemen’s Facial $75+

A relaxing facial treatment tailored to the needs of a gentlemen’s skin. Includes a deep cleanse, gentle enzyme, custom mask and a facial massage. 

Dermaplaning $65+

Relaxing facial using Circadia products followed by removal of vellus hair and dead skin cells to allow for better product penetration and smoother makeup application.

Chemical Peel $70+

Pick from our wide selection of chemical peels including Lactic peel, MandeliClear peel, Alpha-Beta peel, Dermafrost peel and Jessner peel. Price changes with the amount of layers of peel.

Oxygen RX Treatment $100+

A controlled amount of oxygen is generated at optimal levels to provide maximum benefits and helps to diminish acne, rosacea, and telangiectasia by providing brighter skin. Great for acne, rosacea or sun damaged skin. 

SWiCH Treatment $130+

A unique alternative to chemical peels that takes advantage of the skin’s natural repair mechanism without causing damage. Helps fight signs of aging. Great for client’s aged 37+

Microneedling $230+

A treatment using tiny needles to penetrate the skin by creating micro wounds in a controlled pattern to boost elastin and collagen production. Great for improving fine lines and wrinkles, textured skin, acne scarring and sun damage.

Back Facial $100+

A back treatment using Circadia products. Includes extractions, steam, custom mask and massage. 

Custom Facial $75+

A facial customized to fit your skins’ needs. Available add-ons including: Dermaplaning, LED Light Therapy and High Frequency.